Wedding Planning Success- Minus The Stress

Plan a successful wedding without the stress

Now that you’re engaged, you’ve started to dream about your fairytale wedding.  You can envision the exchange of vows and rings, hear the music bouncing off the dance floor, and even taste that first creamy bite as your love gently feeds you your wedding cake. 

You’ve ALSO come to realize that achieving your magical vision will mean planning and orchestrating hundreds of tiny details, which every friend and family member seems to have an opinion about!   

That’s where our trust-worthy and experienced team is ready to guide and support you, so that you nail every priceless piece of your vision and trouble-shoot any drama-filled scenarios before they even show up. 

With my background in counseling and navigating family challenges, helping you avoid wedding stress is at the heart of my wedding planning services. Your wedding.  Your way.  With a peaceful mind.  It is wedding planning success, minus the stress.

What are people saying about Peaceful Mind Weddings?

"Elizabeth and the team at Peaceful Mind Wedding Planning were truly exceptional! Their expert planning and coaching removed all the stress, so that we could enjoy our perfect day.  Every detail was taken care of for us.  My wife and I couldn’t be happier with their service and give the Peaceful Mind team our highest recommendation!"  -Liam R.

"Elizabeth is absolutely amazing and truly understands what is important and meaningful to people.  I couldn’t recommend anyone better to plan and carry out your wedding!"  -The Sevin Family

"I think the best thing about working with this team is that we were able to plan our wedding so efficiently, with lots of support, yet no wasted time.  All of the decisions were up to us, Elizabeth's team just made them less overwhelming. I highly recommend them to other couples. Thanks so much Peaceful Mind Team!"   Cathy S.



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Let's face it.  There has been a recent increase in stress for couples planning their weddings. And the pandemic restrictions certainly didn't help.  Many couples have postponed their ceremonies more than once, and are now trying to get down the aisle and get married. There also seems to be more family tension about how/ where/ and when to have a wedding. 

This is the reason we developed our unique approach to wedding planning. Our goal is to help wedding planning couples to create an authentic vision for a wedding celebration that is uniquely theirs, without the burdensome stress of everyone else's agendas.  When you plan your wedding with Peace of Mind Weddings,  you will be empowered to create a structure of communication and boundaries to support the design of YOUR perfect wedding day- while managing relationships and stress in the most positive ways possible.  It's wedding planning- wrapped in care, kindness, and support!

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